Shipping Information

We Ship Nationwide in 3 Easy Steps!

Our Shipping Process 

1. Package the Generator.

Larger generators should be secured to a pallet. An inexpensive option would be to use ratchet straps. If the generator is small, properly secured in double boxes and shipped via UPS or FedEx is another option.

2. Give Us a Call.

When ready to ship, give Broward Armature a call at (954) 583-9888. We’ve got someone standing by ready to take your call!

3. We Handle the Rest!

We will send an email with shipping documents attached. Print out those documents for your records. We will also schedule a pickup on the day and time of your convenience!

Enjoy Smooth Sailing Shipping

We serve clients throughout the US, Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico. 

You Value Convenience... So we do too!

Rebuilt quality is at the core of everything we do. We’ve renewed our commitment to providing an even greater level of service by guaranteeing fast and convenient shipping, so you can focus on your boating adventures. We make the shipping as hassle-free as possible for you:
we provide return shipping documents and will even schedule your core pickup with our freight carriers! 

Ready for a "Better Than New" Experience?

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